A Look At Different Medicinal Herbs And Their Uses

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Medicinal Herbs And Their Uses It is important to understand the many different uses of medicinal herbs. Nettle, for example, helps in cleaning as well as detoxifying and can treat hay fever and asthma as well as itchy skin and it can also slow down the level of bleeding. On the other hand, herbal teas are wonderful tonics and one of the most useful herbal plants.


Lemon balm will treat your common cold and it can provide relief from headaches and it also helps to provide relief from stomach pains and cramps. There are other medicinal herbs that provide other benefits including lemon basil tea that can help to treat a case of nausea and it can also provide relief from dysentery. When consumed as tea it will help to bring down your fever.


Sacred basil is another wonderful herb with medicinal properties and it will provide relief from stomach pain and from the suffering caused by rheumatism. Wild Bergamot leaves can be used to make tea which when consumed will help to treat common colds.

If you are suffering from arthritis then you will need to look for herbs with medicinal properties that help to provide relief from arthritis induced pain. Here Gotu Kola of which two leaves can be consumed each day will provide the necessary relief.

For persons that need relief from coughing and from sore throats as well as from various respiratory ailments hyssop is one of the medicinal herbs you might want to consider. Spearmint on the other hand will help to provide relief from gas pain and is known to stimulate the senses and so is often included in various dishes.

If you are suffering from excessive sweating conditions then you can find relief from consuming sage tea which will also provide relief from gas pain and which has been known to help improve a persons memory. Feverfew helps in reducing fever and will provide relief from arthritis as well as helps a person overcome their nervousness. It is also useful in treating hysteria and can uplift a person whose spirits are low and in addition this is an herb that can help in treating colds and indigestion as well as diarrhea. It also helps provide relief from migraine.

Wormwood is another one of the popular medicinal herbs and it has been known to provide an effective treatment for intestinal worms though it is slightly narcotic and at the same time is also an external antiseptic. It can be used in a garden to repel insects and to ensure that your garden flourishes.

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